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Festival Mediterranju tal-Letteratura ta Malta / Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival


Virginia Monteforte. In Ġanni Bartolo’s fields, Tal-Virtù

The theme of the VIIIth edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival is Water, fresh water.

Well-known artist Pierre Portelli, who designs the festival logo and printed programme. has been commissioned to prepare an art installation based on this year’s theme. More on that soon.

Thanks to Daniel Gorman and Reel Festivals for their collaboration in this year’s festival. Here are some poetry films, films about poets, and films that use the imagery of water:

These short films by Roxana Vilk came out of Reel Festivals 2011:

The Confession or

A Palestinian Poet in Beirut (about Mazen Maarouf),

The Road to Damascus

Poets of Protest, a series on Aljazeera,

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