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Festival Mediterranju tal-Letteratura ta Malta / Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival
rootsROUTES – The Poetry Films

rootsROUTES – The Poetry Films

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Opening date: Tuesday 18 October 2016
Closing date: Sunday 6 November 2016
Space B (St James Cavalier)

On the occasion of hosting the IFACCA and Anna Lindh Foundation forums in Malta, Spazju Kreattiv teamed up with Inizjamed to present rootsROUTES – the screening of a number of local and foreign poetry films, shown on several screens within Space B, in St James Cavalier.

Some of the films have been commissioned for the Poetry on Film project, by Valletta 2018 Foundation and Inizjamed, and others from Leeuwarden which form part of the “Potatoes go Wild” project.

The films which will be screened include: Eleġija, L.O.M.L., Aċitilena, De klei wacht, ierdehûda, op ‘e knibbels, Potatoheads, The road to Westhoeke, A Man Dies in Me, and An Imminent Dawn.

These events are being organised by Spazju Kreattiv and Inizjamed with the support of Valletta 2018 Foundation, Leeuwarden 2018, Arts Council Malta and Highlight Arts.